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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Day Seven..Sunday. I just finished updating yesterday's activities and now here is what I have been doing today (Sunday). I wanted to spend the day home catching up on chores around the house and spending time with Tammie. F went out for a short while to local shops and was lucky, cause when he got into Wilkinsons, the heaven's opened and we had a short storm but a very big downpour of rain. I went jogging this morning, that's 3 times this week, and then got as many of the chores done as I could. I wanted to get an early dinner done and have a second go at making a coffee & walnut cake so that's what I did. I even cooked home made rice pudding and dinner was done and eaten by 3pm. The cake came out a bit better but take a look at the photo and see what you think.
The cake pans I used were from Robert Dyas store and were a bargain at £5 each. Luckily they were buy one, get one free in a sale and it makes a big different when you have got proper cooking tools. The cake itself so far looks ok but it is a little burnt around some of the edges. I decorated the middle of the cake with some 'preserve' from Lidl Food Stores and coffee butter cream. Then just finished it off with coffee butter cream and walnuts. Can't wait to have some later with a cuppa for my supper. I intend to spend the rest of the day chilling and hopefully, watching 'knitabulls' podcast which is my favourite. By the way, my page views are going up 20 at a time and its exciting that so many are reading my blog..thanks girls and guys.
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