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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Blankets & Bulbs. The time has come to get my bum into gear and start my Christmas knitting and Crochet. I have finished Lily's Blanket....wanna see.
It measure's 49 inches square. I spent Friday evening completing the last two rows and then Saturday morning crocheting around the edge twice. I was going to do a single crochet stitch but decided to do a half treble instead and am very pleased with its outcome. I still haven't thought of a name for the block that I designed so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.
Moving on, F and I have been collecting 'bulbs' for the garden and F said he liked a bulb called 'Fritilleria' which is not cheap. We found some in Wilkinson's at the Heathway and everytime we go in there, we buy a couple more. They are £3 per bulb but I am sure you will agree, they are unusual and pretty.
I first stored the bulbs in the living room (in their boxes) but I kept noticing a horrible disgusting smell that I can only describe as 'POT'. For day's I was hunting everywhere thinking someone has been in my house smoking and I was ready to explode with anger. However, when I noticed my dog Tammie pointing her nose up at the shelf where the bulbs were I picked a box up and smelled it. OH MY GOD..they stink of POT. F said that they do smell quite bad but didn't realise how bad. So they ended up in a big plastic bag out of the way and the smell finally went.
I got this book out now to refer to when I start my next crochet project. I want to do something with cables in it and this book is so good for ideas. It's called 'The Book of Knitting and Crochet' and is edited by Thelma M. Nye. It's an American book and the ISBN Number is 1-8231-5031-3. It was first published in 1968 and I can recommend this to anyone who wants a good reference book of stitches. I don't like having more than one project on the go because it tends to become a UFO (unfinished object) but I think if I can sort out a knitting project to have in my bag when I am out, and a crochet project at home, it won't be too bad.
I have got 3 of these scarf's to knit using my King Cole Riot Yarn that I posted about previously. The pattern is a Wendy Johnson pattern and is called 'Tango & Two Step'. I have made a few of these and I prefer to call them 'neckercheif's'. I also decided that I would knit two scarf's at once, well, the lace part anyway. Oh well, that's it for now folks. I haven't been doing much other than work, family stuff and crafts. Take care and make the most of the light evenings and mornings cause it won't be much longer now and Autumn will be here.
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