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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Day Ten....Went jogging and did 4 miles all round, that was a big achievement for me. I ended up meeting F at his Mum's and decided to take Tammie with me on the two trains and a bus. She was really good, well, apart from when she shuvved her nose into the ladies shopping bag when we were on the bus. The woman was only stroking her and her nose went straight in to sniff what she has. She did laugh. We ended up going to Danson Park in Welling, Kent for an hour and it was relaxing. Then on the way out Tammie decided to roll around in duck pooh and had to put up with her smell on the bus and trains coming home. It wasn't nice, cause the Jubilee Train from North Greenwich Station was packed and I had to hold Tammie in my arms and kept getting a whiff of her (she didn't care). She had a bloody good shower when we got in and she still stinks of it now.. That's about it really. Did some housework when I got home, my brother D and his daughter came over for a while and then we went to bed to watch a film. Sorry folks, I know its sounds boring but trust me, it wasn't for me. Tomorrow, I am going to have a lay in, watch some podcasts and chill cause F is out working tomorrow with his family. By the way, thank you, I have had 32 page views today.
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