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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Day 13...Olympic Closure & Annual Leave Over. Yep, where has the two weeks gone? Back to work tomorrow and the Olympic Closing Ceremony starts at 9pm tonight. (That's in 40 minutes). I spent the day catching up with housework and preparing for work tomorrow, plus I finished the 16 green square's called 'willow' for Lilly's Christmas Blanket. Wanna See....
I shall be starting the next 16 squares in a mo and I intend to do 'Briar Rose' out of Jan's book. I forgot how much I enjoy my crocheting and how addictive it can be. We went over my brother D's for dinner and Michelle cooked us a lovely meal and we were totally stuffed. We got back around 7pm and now intend to relax cause we are both knackered. F has got his head in a book again and I am writing this, but alas, not for much longer. I hope that those who have been reading my blog for the past two weeks have enjoyed it and I will keep it updated regular now that I know I am getting read from time to time.
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