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Friday, 10 August 2012

Day 11..Olympic Wrist Bands & More
Why did I put these two pictures on here? Well, after my recent trips to London and experiencing the travelling, the few crowds, seeing the sites and feeling the atmosphere I was going to purchase a 'souvenier' for my blog but when I saw the prices of Olympic Mugs, Bags and T-Shirts I thought again. I don't have a tight purse but refuse to pay 'tourist' prices for something that should be available to all. Anyway, that's Moan 1 over with.
When we were in London, we got our lunch at McDonald's, I love McDonald's as a treat, and you get a free Coca Cola Glass with Olympic 2012 embossed on and an Olympic 2012 Wrist Band. (In the photo you can see there is a red one and white one). I obviously can't send glass in the post abroad but thought, 'some people can't afford McDonald's or even have a outlet near them' so as a 'GIVEAWAY' I wanted to send out the two Olympic 2012 Wrist bands to the first person who comments on my post. I know its not much but just think, they were purchased in Central London during the Olympic Games. Day 11 was a quite stay in day. I am glad I did stay in cause it was absolutely baking outside. I ended up getting a heat rash on my shin bone on both legs by mid day. I watched loads of podcasts yesterday, Knitabulls, Around The Twist, The Knit Girlls and even tried a couple of new ones and I made quite a lot of progress on my next crochet project...wanna see.
I ended up doing 12 green 'willow' squares and saved the last few rounds for when I go up to Kent tomorrow. I will be dog sitting 3 gorgeous little Jack Russell Terrier's so I will have something to do whilst watching a bit of tv and sitting in the garden. The weather forecast is suppose to be 'heatwave' so I won't be doing much jogging either. I might wait till late evening to see if I can get in an hour's worth. By about 3pm I had an urge to bake so I ended up baking a homemade Syrup Sponge Pudding. I got the book from the Charity Shop in Romford and I intend to make more from it because just look how it came out..
It came out of the dish quite easily and was expecting the syrup to run down the side of the pudding but it didnt, pooh. It seemed to have got soaked up in the sponge. Never mind, it was very tasty and I even made another one to take over with me tomorrow. That's all for today folks, have a good day.
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