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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Day Six..Shopping & Crafts
I can't believe I am almost to the end of my first week off, I don't want the two weeks to end, I love being with F and going out places and coming home knackered. It's so enjoyable to have someone who is interested in the same things. We went to our local shopping area and had a good look around the charity shops and then we had dinner in a cafe. It was a warm day and sun was shining. We got home around 5pm so I did some salad and then finished blocking the scarf I am knitting. I always fret when I hand wash something that's NOT made of acrylic and am so glad I didn't use the Blue Faced Leicester for socks cause they would have stretched something chronic. I am very pleased with it though and proud that its my own design.
I blocked it at first, on the ironing board with pins but when it took all of 6 hours to dry and was still curling up I decided to steam it with a tea towel over the top. I turned the scarf back to front so the iron would not damage the seed beads and it worked even better. You can wrap it twice around the neck and have a nice amount hanging for the autumn weather and you can easily wrap it 3 times around the neck for winter warm.....
I have just got to think up another idea to use the other skein of Blue Faced Leicester Sock Yarn..anyone got any ideas.
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