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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Day 12. Not much happening today. Had a lay in, after an uncomfortable warm night, went jogging and feet and legs have been aching a lot today. We went out to look for some plants and then walked into Romford. Oh yeah, funny thing happened today. Before we went to Romford, I went into Boot's at Heathway and bought a Max Factor Mascara. Anyway, went to Romford, walked into WH Smiths and the alarm went off and thought nothing of it. When we came out, it went off again so we went to security who rummaged through my shopping bag and said it was the Mascara. Apparently, the security tag on the mascara had not been deactivated at Boot's. Weird really, considering we had gone in and out of a few other shops before we went into Smith's and the alarm wasn't set off then. Oh well, that was about the highlight of the day! We got home around 4pm and ended up having a nap, whilst F read his book. Then had dinner, walked dog and tonight, decided to watch 'knitabulls' podcast. Hopefully, will have a bit more news to post on here tomorrow...night night cause I am tuckered out.
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