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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Highbury Barn, Islington & Fudge

Saturday morning started at 7.30 with a nice cuppa and then we popped out and got several trains to a small yarn shop in Blackstock Road.  The nearest train station is Arsenal, yes, Arsenal which although during quiet times it is lovely there, once the football fans fill it to see the latest match, it's packed like sardines apparently.

We went inside the yarn shop and it's run by a lovely family and they sell stacks of Rowan Yarn as well as your Acrylic.  I absolutely love acrylic yarn and the choice of colours.  I also asked if they sell safety eyes for toys and she had a load of them stacked in tubes on a top shelf.  I paid 15p for the orange ones and 18p for the black ones.  Even Hobbycraft don't stock them and I think I may have to come back to the shop again.

We then went to a cafe for a breakfast and then walked to the left and came to this funny coloured clock tower.......
This is Highbury Barn and it's quite busy with traffic.  Can you see the bus on the left, well it turns round there to start the route it takes.  We walked past the bus and thought I should take a photo for my blog friends so here you are........

We then carried on walking and came to an entrance called Church Path, or I like to call it 'Jack the Ripper Walk''s a few photos including Highbury Field's Cafe which is £1 for a can of coke.

We then headed home with a diversion to Stratford's Mark's & Spencer's so I can get some Clotted Cream for fudge making.

I won't bore you with another photo of how its made, I shall bore you with a photo of a Kilner Jar filled with Coffee & Mixed Nut Fudge.  I made so much that we have enough to give as a gift to Ma tomorrow.

Oh well, I am off to do more crocheting and to watch the quiz programme The Chase.  Bye for now....

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