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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Podcast & Saturday

Hi everyone,  I have had a really stressful, horrible week and am glad it's over for now.  Today is Saturday and we had a little lay in and got woken up with some Thunder so I had a cuppa and cooked scrambled egg on toast for me and Frank.  It then decided to chuck it down with rain so we waited a short while and then popped out for a couple of hours.  Treated us to some Thornton's chocolates and then Frank wasn't feeling too good so we came back home again.

I have been watching one of my favourite podcasts 'knitting den' and working some more on my next design afghan ...........

I haven't been taking my knitting to work this week, I decided to take the book I am reading instead.  I haven't been too well the past few weeks with ear problems and been getting some terrible headaches of a morning and thought it might be because of reading in bed and I don't want to stop reading this book, it's brilliant.  It's called 'The Testament' by John Grisham.

Anyway, I did manage to finish another stuffed toy yesterday and here he is........

This is Winston the Ardvark.

The pattern is from a book called 'Edward's Menagerie' by Kerry Lord.  I have had it quite some time on loan from the library but am now finished with it.  I have found another stuffy to crochet and can't wait to get started on it.  

On the subject of weather, what on earth is going on with it.  Colorado had some snow, there's tropical storms going on in other countries, we in UK have got the humidity back again. Mind you, the storm we had the other night was brilliant and the rain was coming down really heavy, it was great to watch it.  The mornings are 'autumnal' and you can see the tree's are turning their leaves to the golden colours which is great.  I can't wait for autumn to come along, in fact, I will be glad to see this year go. 

Oh well, I am going to do a bit more crafts and possibly make some more fudge.  I will leave you with a photo of Tammie sitting cosy on my bed.

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