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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Visit to Regents Park

We was up and out by 9am today and got the District Line Train to Mile End.  Then we got the Hammersmith & City Line to Baker Street.  We turned left and walked along past the Statue of Sherlock Holmes..

We then walked a few more minutes through a crowd of people queueing up and then we realised what it was.....Madam Tussauds.  The green globe is the best picture I could get 
We crossed the road and walked down past Madam Tussauds and then turned left down York Road where the Academy of Music is on the right.  After a few minutes you are completely away from all the noise of the traffic and it feel's like your in a village.  There is a small bridge you walk over and this is the sight of the lake...the green is not a road, it's duck weed but the ducks don't seem to be bothered with it.  It's such a lovely photo........

We kept walking along and then entered a small part where there were tennis courts and a small cafe.  We came to the map of Regents Park and it's amazing how big it all is.  

You just could not see it all in one day and we only went around a tiny bit.  Here are some of the photos that I took and it's just lovely.

After about an hour we stopped off at a small coffee hut and had a blueberry muffin and coffee which was over £8 but, it was well worth it.  The photo directly above is the view from where we were sitting to eat our snack.  It reminded me of Greenwich Park a bit.  We sat there for quite a while watching people walk past, dogs running around chasing the squirrels and the birds chirping.  There was a lot of American visitors too, and tons of joggers.  I just wish I had my knitting because I could have stayed there for hours.

After half an hour we started walking again and walked out of the park to a sign that said Camden. It is so nice the part we were in.  There were little boutiques and trendy shops. It didn't feel like London at all.  However, after about 10 minutes it then got a bit more crazy and crowds of people so we hopped on the Northern Line to Waterloo Station where we went into Lower Marsh Street and my favourite yarn shop, I Knit, London.  

Now because it is our long weekend we decided to go to our favourite restaurant called Ecco which is a few shops from I Knit and let me tell you something.  If you want a 11" vegetarian pizza that is so tasty that even I ate a whole one to myself, then you really need to go there.  The pizza was £5.50 each and we had a black coffee and I had a cola.  Well worth the £14 because I couldn't eat anything else for the rest of the day.

Am now off for some rest and I am not going anywhere tomorrow, I really need to get more done of the blanket I am designing.  Bye for now.....

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