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Friday, 26 September 2014

The Trio

I completely forgot to post a photo of Billy the Bear completed.  He was finished the next day and I think he is perfect.......

I only used about 25g from a 50g ball of acrylic yarn that I bought from Wilkinson Store at Heathway, Dagenham.  I always get a bit frustrated when positioning the limbs and I am really happy with the position of the arms however, the amount of times I positioned the legs and it looked ok which was then completely changed because after sewing on the 2nd one, it didn't look right.  I got fed up with it in the end and Frank said it looked ok so I decided to just leave it at that.

Here is a photo of the three toys I have crocheted in September and I can honestly say, I really do like crocheting animals more than knitting them.  They are quicker, less fiddly and unique.

Obviously, Bonnie Wee Mouse is knitted and was done a while ago.

I also had a bit of a surprise the past week.  I am a member of a knitting group on facebook where you post pictures of your current knitting projects or completed projects (just to show off really).  Anyway, I am currently designing a blanket for a cot and I posted this picture of it on to the groups page......

just to see what feedback I might get.  Well, within a few days I had over 360 hits and around 60 comments.  Some of which are wanting the I have been frantically knitting away and writing the pattern as I go to get it done.  I was about half way completed on Wednesday this week but realised I made an error and had to frog it back to which I said a few 'curse' words.  However, I kept saying to myself  'if your going to take designing seriously, you need to do it properly'.  Today is Friday and it's 6:30pm and I am still trying to get more progress on it.    I only wish I didn't have to do the mundane tasks of going to work and housework, then I might get more things designed.  

Oh well, I guess I should get off this computer and get some more done.  I noticed Episode 10 is ready now of the Bakery Bear Podcast so am going to enjoy that until my Gardeners World comes on channel BBC2.  Then it will be off to bed to read some of my John Grisham book.

Have a good weekend and I hope to be venturing off to Wimbledon tomorrow so will take some pics for you.

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