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Saturday, 27 August 2011

The door of silence

The Door of Silence

You spend years not affording a holiday each year,
a trip to the seaside costs more than you thought.
Your kids need shoes, clothes and you give them priority
And you try to buy the best that you can afford.

They go to school, join a few clubs and make some friends
While you are working or at home worrying all day.
You cook each day with the ingredients you can afford
And hope its the nutrition that they need to thrive.

You help them the best that you can to get through exams
And praise everything that they have achieved.
They grow up so quick and suddenly they are taller than you
And they now concentrate on their own life’s and loves.

All of a sudden, light a flash of lightning to your heart
that noisy house contains memories of laughter and joy.
There’s no conversation, just a slam of the door and then silence
But you know they will be back because this is their HOME.
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