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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Vinga Belted Cape

I started this project a few days ago and was a bit dubious. I havent crocheted anything lacy before because I always get scared of all the different rows being completed and lose myself. I found this pattern on ravelry and decided to buy it and within minutes, I started making it. I have found it rather easy to do other than having to mark off each row with a pencil. I thought there was an errata so I frustratingly contacted the designer through ravelry and awaited a reply but there was not an errata. It was me! I had frogged two rows for nothing so I sent an apology to the designer and said 'all ok'. As of now (4.11pm) I am on row 28 and am getting more excited to finish it.... but the dilema is I am going to have to look for a nice belt to wear with it. I am even considering making another one, depending on the comments I get from work, and maybe in a nice blue just like the pattern picture.

Also, in between crocheting I have been doing some gardening (basically tiding up my drive way) and unfortunately, I didnt realise I had gone red not brown until my brother said 'sis you've caught the sun on your back' to which I immediately scratched it and yelped ouch.I am the first one to have a go at anyone not taking precautions with the sunshine but its the first time in my adult hood that I went red on my back. My arms are lovely and brown and my face too so its something else I have to accept as getting older. Never mind...could be worse.

I have also been browsing the net for some sock yarn recently because the last pair I made stretched at the ankle so I am going to have to knit with some elastic with the yarn or find something that will have some 'give'. I keep looking at the really pretty sock yarns but they are so expensive and when you think about it, £12.99 for a pair of socks,,,no thank you. I guess I will have to keep looking...
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