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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Think about the next one.

I knit away the hours to put my mind at peace,
Forgetting the days decisions and making a happy time.
I knit a stitch like an addiction that makes me go light headed,
Thinking about the person who will receive my gift.

The pattern says slip, slip and knit and here comes the shaping,
Checking every row and wondering..will it fit.
Is the colour right for the person that I chose to receive,
Does the yarn feel soft enough to put next to their skin.

I follow a pattern so intensely, that the time floats away
Row by row it forms into a warm and wonderful piece,
My mind looks back to times of happiness and joy,
Of smiles we have shared together and it encourages me more.

My project is almost done and I think about the next one,
Shall it be a scarf, gloves or even a pair of socks.
Before I realise it, my tea has gone cold and my dog sighs,
Its time to cast off and give the gift of love.

By SHBACHAN copyright
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