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Monday, 29 August 2011

Sock & Block

I have started my christmas knitting and downloaded this pattern Pebble Stitch Fixation Socks by Anna (on and am a little further than this picture. I have knitted the heel, turned the heel and am now decreasing down towards the foot/instep. I love the colour of this self striping yarn and wish I could remember the brand name but I think, the rate its going, I can make a pair of fingerless gloves to match. I think the socks would be best for 'house socks' or 'bed socks' purely because they do have a fair bit of room at the widest part. I will use a smaller set of needles next time. It is so nice to knit a smaller project for a change and I already bought some yarn Sunday for another two pairs.

The Vinga Belted Cape is completed and is now blocking on my bed. I soaked it in 'Lenor' Fabric softener for a few minutes and then placed it in the washing machine on a short spin. I wanted it to stretch a little and it has. It now measures 26" so hopefully, it will look even better when I wear it.

Its a bank holiday in UK and I took the liberty of this three day weekend in pottering around, browsing the net for christmas ideas and also watching some old films. The best films ever are 'Its A Wonderful Life' and 'The Shop Around the Corner'. Did you know that the film 'you've got mail' was a remake of Shop around the corner.

I even decided to de-frost the little freezer compartment in my fridge and it took hours upon hours so knowing me, at my hormonal times, I decided to yank out the bottle after pushing a knife down the side of the block of ice. Its amazing what strength us women have at certain times of the month and this is what happened...yep, I pulled the sod out and moved the fridge 2inches as well. Oops. Did the job though cause within half hour, I was back to my knitting and starting my second sock. I dont even remember cooking dinner Saturday which is a good thing too.

Finally, the past few nights I have thought its been getting rather chilly of late and noticed this morning that my hydranger is starting to die off. Typical, you get to the end of August and the garden starts losing its colour. Here it is... and even now, my hands are feeling a bit cold too so I bet ya, before you know it, it will be dark when I leave for work and dark when I leave work. Such is life to earn a few pennies.
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