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Monday, 19 September 2016

Maltesers at the ready!!

Hi, back again and only got a little bit to show for my crafts.  I am getting closer to my appointment for the horrid injection in my foot and today (Monday) is the start of my week off work.  I have accrued enough annual leave to take a week rest so today, I had a little lay in and then me, Emma and Magic went to Upminster to get a few bits out of Marks & Spencers.  I love the fruit out of M & S, it is such good quality and ready to eat straight away which is what I like.  I also wanted to go into Roomes for one of Franks birthday presents.

Emma had never been there so we looked in the baby section, the candle section which has got lots of lovely Yankee Candles and would love to purchase some but cannot burn them because it effects Franks breathing.  I did have scented plug ins but they had to be chucked out too. Anyway, I managed to get the wallet I wanted for Franks birthday and it was £28 which hopefully will last him for a while.  I bought him a wallet a year ago, in fact, I bought two from Amazon and unfortunatley, when he went to start using the second one, the credit cards would not fit in the slots.  Rather annoying because it was not cheap, so I may try and snip a bit of the stitching and use it myself!

We came back around lunch time and I did a little bit of pottering around, got dinner done early and now finding the time to put up a blogpost.  I then intend to sit with a bit of chocolate and a cuppa.

The crafting I have been working on is a knitting project using my Rowan Frost yarn in orange and green and am sticking to it.  I really really want to start another project but want to be a one project on the go kind of girl!   So, here is a little sneak peak of what I am doing...

I keep laying down the 3 blocks that I have knitted on the floor to decide on how the placement of the blocks are going to be but I keep changing my mind.  I am on the fourth block and am now realising that I do not have as much of the green colour as I do of the orange colour.  However, the dilema did slide away because I have Rowan Linen of the same colours which I am going to include too.  Phew!!

Tomorrow I have decided is going to be a crafting and podcast day or at least, that is my plan.  The weather is going to be a bit rainy so hopefully, nothing ruins the plans.  

I have been watching The Grocery Girls podcast which are two sisters that live in Canada and they are knitting shawls which are absolutely beautiful.  Tracy knits the shawls so quickly it amazes me.  I am also preparing to watch the rest of The Bakery Bears a little later and also Round The Twist podcast.

Oh well, I am off to get myself a drink because I have started on the Maltezer chocolates already.  Here is a photo of Tipsy snuggling up to Frank whilst he is reading.  Hope to write again soon!

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