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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Memories are complete

Yep, it is finally done. Started it in March last year, finished it today.   I had a few months off from doing it last year but I have cracked on with it this year and I just wanted to get it completed.  

If you read back over last years blogposts you will know it was not a good year for me.  Partner left, kids not happy and my depression was at its all time worse.  I spent a lot of nights crying whilst knitting on it and was just  a robot of work, home and bed.

The blanket is 99.9% Regia Sock Yarn however, the green yarn at the tip of in the first photo was Regia sock yarn leftovers that I used to knit a pair of socks for Frank last year.  So there is a few squares of that colour in the blanket.  Just below that green square is a purple square, well that is not Regia.  That is Araucania leftovers from a cowl that I designed and yet to write up a pattern.  So there are a few squares of that in the blanket too.

On the next photo you will see an I-cord bind off that I did to finish the edgeing all the way around. I used a variegated regia top and bottom i-cord and the same red of the corners, on the two edges. Also, if you look to the left of the photo, the second square which is of a beige and cream colour, that is Opal Sock Yarn leftovers so there are a few of them in there too.

I intend to use it as a nap blanket but also will be used when my Grand Daughter is older for her single bed.  The photo below shows you how easy it is to cut away the ends if you weave them in as you go.  

In total I used around 26 colours of Regia Sock Yarn and they were cost from 79p to £5.50 a ball.  Some of the balls were 25g and some were 50g balls.  It is hard to work out what it has cost in money to make and I would never have spent that much money on it.  It was only because Frank was buying me the yarn as treats when it was on offer at John Lewis Store in Oxford Street, Kemps Woolshop was a big purchase because they were doing a lot of it at 79p a ball which is a big bargain.

I am relieved it is done and if anyone who knows what depression is like, you will understand that as much as there were good times and bad times when making it, I shall enjoy curling up under it when I need some comfort.

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