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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Design mojo back

This is my design mojo coming back.  I still have such a lot of my Regia Sock Yarn and although I said before that I was eager to finish my memories blanket,  I miss working on it.  So the design I am doing now is a kind of design-as-you-go, not quite knowing whether it will be a blanket, cushion cover or just a small throw for my pouffee in the living room.  

I have a few other ideas swimming around in my head and one of them is having a gift box at home so that when I make small items like gloves, socks etc and are not really meant for anyone, I can store them away in a pretty box and go to them should I need a quick gift.  I often see hats and sock patterns that I could do and the thought of having a stock of socks in all colours sounds a good idea.

I got this box out of Homesense in Romford which is part of TK Max stores and was only £5.99.

The next photo is something that we are really excited about and it felt like weeks before it arrived when it was only a few days.  A brand new Smart TV and we are very pleased with it.  We paid for the delivery and installation and did not realise you can connect it up to the internet so the first thing I thought of was watching my podcasts.  Oh boy does it make a difference.  And it is in HD.  I am very happy with that .....

An update on Tipsy, she is doing very well.  She has been back twice for check ups at the vets and got one more check up next week.  Goodness knows what the final vet bill will be but heyho, that is why I pay for insurance.  She does sleep a lot which is no difference and she seems to be mellowing a bit too.  She normally does a runner when we get visitors but when the guys from John Lewis Stores came with the tv, she was hanging around where she normally would run off upstairs.

She does like her cuddles which is great!

The District Line trains are not running from Good Friday through to Bank Holiday Monday evening so that put a kibosh on our plans for Easter so we are having a quiet one at home.  I am glad in a way because we have both been feeling rather exhausted physically and emotionally so a good rest will do just fine.  

I will leave you with a photo of my favourite flower which always reminds me of my Mum who died back in 1976.  I did not know her but I was told many years ago that her favourite flower was a Daffodil so through the year, especially at Easter, I do buy a few bunches to put in the house and have lots of them growing in the garden.  This photo shows what we call a double daffodil.

Have a good Easter to all those who celebrate.

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