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Monday, 2 May 2016

Mustang 1967 Engine Code K289...

Here is a quick blogpost about a hobby that my brother in law is hooked on.  As the title of this post says it is a Mustang 1967 and it has been in the family since the early 80s.  It had been tinkered with for a while and used for quite a while but then left in a garage for a few years.  Then recently he has stripped it down and after a few thousand spent, it is running lovely and is now working on a few other bits now.  I asked him yesterday whether he will get it resprayed when he has no other things to do to it and he said he is not sure.  It had a respray back in the late 80s but was a poor job and was now a bit dubious about getting it done.  Anyway, he said he is not too worried about the colour, he just wants to get it roadworthy for MOT and then it will be out on the road.

The rest of the week has been just work.  We went to spend the Bank Holiday Weekend at Franks mum and have done hardly anything.  I did a bit of knitting and too much eating and went to the cemetary to see how the flowers are doing on our loved ones grave.

We took this photo below on the way into the grounds of the cemetary and they are so pretty as a cluster of daisies.  We zoomed into them on our phone and the definition of the petals is fantastic.

Oh well, that is it for now.  Back to work tomorrow so am off to do some knitting!

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