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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Sunday addiction knitting

On my memories mitred blanket.   I have done so much and enjoying every minute
 Here's a photo of it on my bed ready for the next stage..
 I have done a narrow border either side in one colour and a now working on the next border.   I've done my sums and marked it out and do far, so good.  

Am update on Tammie is good 
 She is back to her normal self, eating good and wanting to play.   I'm glad I've been home to keep am eye on her. 

I'm still having trouble writing a blog post on from my laptop and if the layout is a bit odd, I'm sorry.   

On the work front I am back to being an administrator in a distribution centre from tomorrow.  I finding it hard to settle down anywhere and after panicking about being layed off and having no income I thought about going back to working in care as a quick solution.  However when I was asked to go back to the distribution centre, I decided to never work back in care again.  I've out grown it emotionally and it's time to move on.  

I spent Monday and Tuesday watching a lot of podcasts and I realise that I have lost the interest in TV completely.  In fact I only watch a few things on the odd night. Mainly Countryfile on Sunday and the odd nature programme.   

Of well, I'm off to bed to be bright and cheery for work tomorrow.   Have a good evening and hope you get to do some crafting. 

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