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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

A knitting video of me

I am thoroughly enjoying knitting on my mitred blanket and I thought I would show you a one minute video of me knitting on it. Other bloggers have been recording themselves whilst knitting so I thought I'd get in on the act.

I have enjoyed a few days of being at home after being layed off from work and yesterday was a day off worry so I spent all day knitting on my blanket.   Basically my pup Tammie had to have all her teeth out at the vets and it was a worrying time because of the anaesthesia and her condition.   However we collected her from vets,  minus £400, and brought her home.   They ended up taking 14 teeth out and only had a couple of teeth left.   She is still feeling under the weather but was well worth it.   It's awful when your pets can't tell you what's wrong and I couldn't stand the thought of her being in pain with her teeth.

Here is a photo of her when we got home from collecting her...

She's looking glazed and her tongue was hanging out because she was still under the drugs.  She's on antibiotics and not much of an appetite but hopefully will be her normal self.  

I started my new job today and is only 6 hours a day which is nice.  The shift goes quick... And now I'm off to do my knitting.  


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