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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Lets get cracking....

Finally, I can write a blogpost from my laptop.  After all this time trying to write a post on my mobile phone, my son came to visit and said I needed a new browser.  Did not have a clue how to do that so he did it for me in seconds.  Thank you Scott.

On the crafting front I have done a lot of work on my Mitred Blanket and have been thoroughly enjoying it.  I counted 220 squares so far and then decided to knit a plain matching red border on both long sides.

However, there was a problem that I could not fit all the stitches,  over 300 of them, on my small circular 2.25 needle.  So I ordered one with a longer cable, it came, I casted on the stitches and started knitting the plain red border and look what happened....

The words that came out of my mouth were not lady like and I just had to put it down sulking for at least a couple of hours.  I then pulled myself together and thought that it is my blanket and I am going to knit it the way I want to.  So I got out my size 3mm knit pro karbonz and started the border again.

When I had finished the five rows on either side of plain red, I started knitting the mitred squares again with the 2.25mm needles but after 7 squares done and laying it down on the floor to check it out, the shape started distorting and I realised then that I had to stick with the 3mm needles now because of the size difference.  Never mind I thought, and undone the 7 squares and re-knitted using the 3mm.  I love it and am on my 2nd row of edge squares.  I have taken a break from it at the moment because I am joining in with the knit a long on ravelry and littleyelloweuke podcast.  

Frank bought me some Rowan Creative Linen for £4 a skein instead of £8 in a beautiful lilac shade so I have been knitting a small cardigan called Tulip by the Yarnharlot. I have already done this cardigan before in different colours but wanted to knit it plain.  Here is a photo of its progress so far...only taken a couple of evenings to do.

I have a little bit of knitting left on the first sleeve, then all I have to do is the second sleeve and the i-cord neck and tie.  I think it will only take that last little bit of yarn left which is great.  

I am intending on making a dress for my Grand Daughter called Kelsey from ravelry and as soon as I have finished the cardi, I shall cast it on.  I am however, getting the need to do a crochet blanket again but this time crocheting it in rows and not rounds so watch this space if your interested.

My pets are doing fine, Tammie has overcome having her teeth taken out and only has a few left, it has solved the smelly breath too and she seems to be eating and back to her normal self.   The other weekend she was not herself on the Saturday, we was going to Southend for a few hours but she was so non-coherent, and was doing things that were strange.  Not able to walk up the stairs, get down off the bed or sofa, tail between the legs and dazed.  I knew these were signs of the liver shunt playing up so I stayed home with her but the next day she was back to her mad self again.  Thank God.

Tipsy is doing fine, she has been very cuddly lately and Frank was not feeling too good a few days ago and she sat on his lap and looked up at him as if to say I will take care of you.

I started work back at the distribution centre as a Transport Administrator a few weeks ago and I have been walking through the park called Goresbrook Park.  These photos were taken the other morning and I just had to take a picture of the tree.  I love trees and the branches look like they are ready to hug you.

 I also have to walk over a small foot bridge that creeks with every step but is a joy to walk over.  I must remember to look at the history of Goresbrook Park, maybe for the next blogpost.

Oh well, I am off to enjoy my Sunday with a bit of housework, a bit of cooking and lots of crafting. I shall leave you with a photo of some beautiful crocus flowers that Frank saw whilst a work the other day. Spring is on its way...

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