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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sunday repairs

I say repairs because I have had a cardigan that has been in need of a bit of sewing on the sleeves.  It's a favourite cardigan and after a few washes the cuffs have become frayed.  So after my ironing and walking the dog, I started the first repair of the day.   Here is a photo of what I have to tackle.

It's rather annoying because it cost £27.

Anyway I stitched the tear best I could.

Then I turned the cuff under and stitched around. It is now much better and hanging out on the washing line.  I'll post an update shortly when it is dry. 

Next I wanted to do something about my Downton Hat made from merino wool.  I love this hat but after only one wash it stretched and is now very close to being blown away in the wind on a winter's day.   This yarn was not cheap and it doesn't always pay to use expensive yarn.  I only soaked it in the sink in luke warm water and it got huge.   So today I found my elastic thread and weaved it in and out around the colour change rim as per the photo below. 

Then I cut a 6 inch tail length and put hat on my head and pulled at the elastic to get a snuggly fit that won't blow away in the wind.   

Then I double knotted it and sewed in the ends.  You won't see the elastic because the design means you roll up the rim.  I am happy girl now. 

So I've had a nice productive day of repairs and then I thought of baking some cakes.

They are rather yummy and I'm going now to have a cuppa with a cake before my grandchild comes visit.

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