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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Every Sunday I say the same thing

...I must start my diet and exercise routine on Monday.  However, like most women and men who say the same thing on a Sunday, it always goes wrong the minute you wake up or stress happens.  I did so well a year ago with my exercise routine of jogging plus I was not eating dinners every day which I rather miss doing but since Frank has been home, I enjoy the meal times we have at the end of the working day and of course, you have to have a desert.

The worse thing I have in my mind about my exercise is how did I ever fit it into the daily routine.  I have absolutely no energy early morning or in the evening and all I want to do is get a bit of housework done after dinner and then do my crafting.  Plus the jogging has not done my ankles and knees much good, in fact, I know I have arthritis and my ankle wakes me up in the night sometimes.  

Anyway, I thought if I write a little each week about my eating, maybe a food diary I could actually progress slowly in getting back to 80kg instead of the disgusting 90kg that I am today.  I have noticed my fuller face, chest and my hips so here goes.  I walk 4 miles a day, am on my feet quite a bit throughout the day so that should be enough exercise, I have just got to stop putting snacks in my mouth like digestive biscuits when I do not really need them.  So, I have plums, tangerines, some cereal for breakfast and I intend to have a plain cheese sandwich or a fruit salad in the work canteen.  

I know that extra 10kg is effecting my health and I am determined to not go back to the way I use to feel of breathless,  aching, tired and fatigued all the time.  I have never smoked, do not drink alcohol and am only 47 years old and I should not feel like this at my age. this space.

Crafting time now and I finished the Tulip Cardigan for Mya....

I did not do the full length of the sleeves because the last time I made this cardigan, the sleeves were way too long and it fits Mya fine which is the main thing.  I had a tiny ball of yarn left from the skein that I used and it was perfect.  

The next photo I decided to put in the blog today because as much as I like stitch markers, I think it can be an unnecessary expense and I am not going to stop the progress of a project because I have not got a stitch marker.  So below is a photo of a no cost, home made stitch marker.  A slip knot in scrap yarn.

They work well, they do not click against the needles and did not cost a penny!

The next photo below is of a little surprise I got the other morning at 8am on my way to work.  Do you remember the little wooden footbridge I walk across, well it was a cold morning and I was looking at the water level and there was a beautiful White Heron having a look for some breakfast.

It was great to see, so tranquil and not a care in the world, apart from breakfast!

I am going to go and do some more knitting of my mitred blanket and I have finally got a design in my head for a Tunisian project.  I shall leave you with a picture of Tipsy chilling on the pouffe with Frank.

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