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Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday London.....we went out and about in this freezing cold weather and I can't believe how busy it is around London. The train's were quiet and we took the District Line train to Temple which is one stop away from the Embankment. There wasn't that many people around but once you get onto The Strand, it's busy! We had a walk around for a while and Frank took me to Cath Kidson Store down Shelton Street, which is just full of gorgeous flowery goodness. However, gorgeous flowery goodness comes at a cost! I wanted to have a look at some over the shoulder bags and the one I wanted was £55. That's a lot of money to me so I came away feeling a bit disappointed but knowing full well it is quality stuff. I decided to wait and look on Amazon and Ebay first but if I can't get what I want, I may have to go back and say sod it! It's mine! We then went to a posh charity shop at Highbury Corner and guess what Frank saw straight away! A Cath Kidston Buttoned Messenger Bag for £10. Wow! Grabbed it, it's mine! We had just looked at them in her store and it was £22 so BARGAIN! It's now soaking in some laundry detergent. We came out of there, almost skipping actually, and went to New River Walk. This is a photo of the work's still in progress, they have just finished the new pump system and it looks like they have put in some sprinklers too. It was kind of eerie along this bit, there were no ducks anywhere but as we went along we saw some ducks quacking away.I know I babble on about this place, but I just love it. I can't wait to sit on the bench, feed the birds, have a picnic and do some knitting. The middle photo is of a gorgeous old weeping willow that stretches right across the river and you can just touch it and take it all it's glory. The last photo is of a very very old hut near the end and some rockery beds. Finally, I took a photo from the very end of New River Walk, it just looks so peaceful and trust is! We then went off walking around, got on a No.38 bus all the way to Picadilly and carried on walking around. Took some photo's of some interesting places for tourists to see....can you guess what they are!Trafalgar Square was horrendous, I can't stand all those crowds. We went into McDonalds and that was busy too and then decided it was time to go home! We had been out for almost 6 hours so walked round the corner and into Embankment District Line Train Station. Basically, we walked and bussed our way round in a circle. Brilliant though!
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