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Friday, 12 April 2013

This was a part of New River today, Frank went to doing some clearing up and because of the heavy rain we have had it has filled up a bit. An update is that the pump is all ready to be turned on Monday and the river will be filled. There was loads of frog spawn floating around and the duck's will be quite happy to get their home back to normal. Am so glad that the evening's are lighter and will be even more glad when it's warm enough to potter about in the garden. Do you remember me talking about the bulbs we planted last year, one in particular called Fritillaria'. Well that is about ready to open and its gorgeous. I am hoping I can take a photo of it this weekend! There hasn't really been much going on hobby wise, I did finish a blanket for my friend Jo. She started knitting it when her sister said she was pregnant but the baby must be getting on for 4 months old or more and the blanket barely done. I came to the rescue like a friend does and Jo got it a few days ago. It's quite an easy blanket to make but Jo is a busy Mum and business woman and I just hope her sister likes it. We went over our local park a few weekends ago on a cold but sunny Sunday afternoon and we got quite close to the swans over there. They are huge beasts but so pretty! We even heard and saw a woodpecker and he is a little scrote cause we can hear him sometimes when we walk through but he is hiding deliberately because I just can't see him. I walked home from work again tonight and the park is just coming alive now. The birds are singing, I even saw duck going in to land and making patterns on the water. I know it sounds soppy but it looked like he was playing! Tonight, we saw two blue tits and the duck's, geese and swans are nesting now so I can't wait to see the babies. This is a patchwork quilt I started about 10 years ago. I decided to sew it the old fashioned way using hexagon papers and fabric and it has been stored away for a good 7 years. Well, I cannot get the hexagons anymore from my supplier and I am certainly not going to cut loads out so I am adjusting it to be a single throw and am going to try and finish it. Which means 100 more hexagons to stitch to it and then it's quilting the sod! Watch this space. Oh well, am off now that I have bored you all...thanks for reading and have a good weekend.
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