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Sunday, 17 March 2013

New River Walk...drained!This picture was taken by my partner Frank who is standing in the middle of one part of the drained River. (St Paul's Road, near Highbury). The weather has not been helping and although this photo was taken a few weeks ago, most of the work has been done to clear the debris and leaves. However, there was a problem with the pump and could only drain it to a certain depth. They are currently installing new pumps to circulate the water. The wildlife has been tolerating the work but the frog's are not too happy. The duck's are moaning and walking in line's to get their food and I think they are going to be happy when it's all done. The poor ducks have to walk to another part of the river to swim, eat and drink. Hopefully, it won't be too long now and I am getting excited when the baby birds start appearing. I was worried about it but Frank assures me that the work takes into consideration the wildlife.It seem's unreal when you look at the second photo, It was only taken a few weeks ago and the weather now is more for 'ducks' than snow. The local park I walk through (Parsloes Park) is so calming when I know I have got a stressful work day ahead of me and I just love the plants, tree's and the wildlife. The council have been under instruction to cut down a lot of old tree's and shrubs around the lake which is a shame, because it looks bare. I did get rather annoyed that they actually cut down a large oak tree that was gorgeous but there has to be a reason for it. (I Hope)We got an Amaryllis plant at Christmas and it's finally flowered. There's actually 4 flowers on it now but this was the photo I took of the first one. It's such a vibrant red, its gorgeous. Here is a photo of Tammie & Typsy looking out the window the other night waiting for Frank to come in from work. Tammie alway's seem's to know when he is due home. As far as knitting goes, I haven't done a lot. I have had some dental work which has effected me quite bad and I have not been in the mood to do anything. I finally found a Tank Top Vest I liked after reading '' and it would look good with a shirt underneath. I just hope it will fit when it is finished! Here's a progress picture on it. Oh well, that is it for now. Not much going on, pretty boring lately so hopefully, my next post will be more interesting for you. By the way, I bought a brilliant lipstick the other day called 'Maybeline 14Hr Lipstick' and the sad girl that I am, here's a photo. It wasnt cheap, £5 but it does actually stay least 8 hours! Pucker!!
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