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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Autumn beckons...and my feet and hands are cold. I love Autumn but I don't like the lack of sunshine through the day. At this precise moment it is chucking it down and rather chilly. We went out yesterday (Saturday) and had a little adventure but will post some pictures for you when I get my cable to transfer photos off my phone. We also went out on the 15th September to the Real Food Festival, London's Southbank and also had a little adventure there too. We saw The London Eye, The Embankment and I have got a lovely photo of Big Ben when we went over the Jubilee Bridge and there was a charitable rowing event going under us. I apologise for not putting up a new post in such a long time, my excuse is I have been too tired of an evening and just want to crash and knit. I have however, finished a Christmas project for F's Mum. She ordered 3 sets of the scarf & fingerless gloves because she wanted them as gifts for her friend and relatives. I just love the colours of the orange riot.
It's made with King Cole Riot DK and the Scarf is a pattern by Wendy Johnson called Tango 2 Shawlette. The gloves are my own design and I knitted them two at a time which is doubly quick. I have got another orange set to make and am doing a green and purple set now. F was working last Sunday and so I decided to do a little baking and made some fruit muffins. I finally realised that, after reading Lorraine Pascale's cook book, you should not beat the mixture too much for muffins cause that's what stops them from rising. (light bulb moment).
Well, that's it for now. Will try and post a bit more later in the week, At this moment in time my hands are so cold I may have to go and get my gloves to warm myself up. Have a good week everyone...
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