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Saturday, 6 October 2012

My, that's a big one. The bulb you see is the smelly 'fritillaria' that Frank is planting at last. They absolutely stank the cupboard out under the stairs and because its been a lovely bright, sunny and warm afternoon, we decided it was time. Luckily, when Frank opened the pack they come in, the roots on tbe bulbs were getting quite long.
so it's a good job they got planted today. I haven't really been doing much since my last post, just the usual work, rest and play. I have almost finished the final pair of gloves to go with the scarf set that are christmas gifts. I aim to get them finished so I can start on this gorgeous shawl that yarnharlot has just finished. That will be for me, but I will be making aa 'reader's wrap' crochet project on as another christmas gift. I am still having problems transferring pictures from my mobile phone to my computer. I can't wait to show the photo's of big please keep reading. Anyway, I am off now to walk the dog before it gets any colder and darker. Have a good evening.
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