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Saturday, 23 January 2016

And the point is......

Another rug pulled from under my feet.   I went to work on Monday, did my shift with two hours left and then told I was not needed anymore.  So on Tuesday I was looking for work again.   To cut a long story short and trying not to curse,  I have had to go back to working in care for while till something better comes along.   Not happy at all but at least it's part time and reasonable pay.

So I've been spending few days working on my mitred blanket and I have done 15 squares in two days and now reached the Point.  Here's a photo of my planning for the last few colours..

Today I have started to work on the corners and a really enjoying it.  I'm hoping to get lots done before I have to start work.

Also I'm using my mobile top upload  post because my laptop is playing up and it's winding me up.   

The photo above is of two books I've got out of the library and can't wait to have s good look at them.   I'm thinking of a new design for tunisian crochet and once I'm happy with the progress on the mitred blanket,  I will start my ideas. 

I'm of now and hope to get the laptop sorted soon so I can post better.  X 

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