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Saturday, 16 January 2016

It might look like I am listening

This says it all!!

Since last posting on here the only thing I really designed and completed were a pair of gloves for Ross.  He has big hands and cannot find a pair in the shops that would fit.  So for the first time I knitted a pair of gloves with fingers and I am rather pleased with them.  Especially when there are no holes between the fingers.

I played yarn chicken with these gloves.  I had to use a colour for the thumb to make a stripe because I just did not have enough.  I threw away some when I lost the plot and had to re-start them.  I had to get Ross to put his hand on a piece of paper so I could draw around it and then use that as an idea for the length of his fingers and thumb.  It came quite good and am pleased that he wears them.

I have not had much energy the past week, this getting up at 4.30am leaves me shattered by the time I get home in the afternoon.  Not to mention the housework piling up, I just do not have the enthusiasm for it.  It is tidy and clean enough and that is all that matters to me about chores.  


Now that his gloves are finished I have been working on my mitred blanket and thinking about a bit more design on it.  Here is a picture I took a few days ago and I am now bringing it to the next point like the bottom edge and will then work on one of the sides.

It is certainly a long term project but whilst I am knitting it, I keep thinking of an idea that popped into my head and I may just have to put it into process.   

It is a good job I have this blanket to knit on, it has been quite cold here the past few days and the blanket has kept my legs warm.  We have had to put the heating on full to keep warm and the weather forecast tomorrow (Sunday) is a light dusting of snow. 

Oh well, I am off to get dinner started and then walk pup.  Frank is unwell with Flu so am going to see if he will come out for a little walk to get some fresh air.  Then it is knitting and maybe a little housework.....who knows!!

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