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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Gatepost moved again

All I can say is, when your employed you should not be told other duties are expected of you so I survived one day at my new job and came home so angry and upset that I have finally made up my mind about my career.  I will not work in the Care Sector, namely Care Homes ever again.  Today I woke up feeling de-moralised, of no value and uncertain about my future.

The only positive I can think of today is my crafts.  I do a lot of thinking whilst crocheting or knitting in my living room or whilst in bed, I sit for hours with no noise at all and just think. I hear the clock ticking on the wall and the noise of people and traffic walking by and sometimes, it is just nice to get that kind of quiet.   How many of you do that ?

I do not know if any of you that read my blog are aware of an online craft store called  You can sell your hand made crafts on there.  I opened a store quite some time ago and have not actually used it very often but am giving it a go with selling my finished projects that are my own design.  If anyone is interested I have placed two of my blankets that I designed and made and will put a link to it below for you to take a look.

The first link is to my Cable Edge Blanket which has a knitted lattice border and a wrapped stitch design for the main body of the blanket.

There is also a small pram blanket for sale which is knitted out of a chunky yarn and is bright and cheerful.  A link for that is below if you want to take a look.

I just do not know why I never thought of using the store to try and sell my finished designs.  A lot of the podcasts that I watch sell their finished items there and I had a light bulb moment a few hours ago to give it a go of linking it to my blog.

Projects On The Go

  I finished crocheting the rectangular shape in Regia Garden Effects Sock Yarn for my soon to arrive Grand Daughter.  It took just over 4 x 50g balls and is crocheted using the Corner to Corner method.  I did start crocheting a white edging to it but I soon unpicked it.  I really did not like it, so I had some cream 4ply and it is looking much better.  I will post a photo of it later for an update once I get enough progress on it.

I am also still working on the Spiderman Blanket for a christmas present and that is going well.  It is a 
slow progress but still enjoyable.  I have started another section of red and will then do another blue and then work on all the black webbing for it.  I have done this blanket before in other colours and it is not hard to do.  

Finished Projects

I have only one completed project to show at the moment, my son Ross asked me to knit him a hat because it is getting rather cold and hates his ears being cold.  So I knitted a Bankhead Hat within two days.  If you look on you will see the hat on there, it is a free pattern and is only knit and purls in the round.

I got Ross to model it for me and as you can see it does cover his ears.  Just wished he had taken the time to have a shave.  Never mind!

Future Happenings

I just do not think too far in front, especially after the kind of year I have had.  So, I am pondering over the thought of knitting some christmas stockings, or christmas bags for filling with goodies.  I am hoping to start one today so that I can have a go at personalising them with a name.  

As for the rest of the day, or week even, I shall be job searching AGAIN!, keeping the house tidy and trying not to comfort eat.  Hope you all have a good week and that it is not too cold where you are.  It is 15 degrees today and I still have not managed to put the central heating on but if it carries on getting colder, I may have to.  

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