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Monday, 5 October 2015

Oh my goodness..

Those are the words that come to mind when I have just realised how addicted I am to my crafts and my need to create.  Why do I like to spend every spare moment working on my knit or crochet projects?  Well, it relaxes me for starters and helps me to think better plus if I have to sit and watch something on tv (which is not very often), I have to be doing a craft.  I would fall asleep otherwise and then I would not sleep at night properly.  I also love giving gifts and I will only give gifts to those I know who are going to appreciate and look after what I have made.  It sounds a bit selfish really but I just do not understand anyone who would spend a lot of money on something and not look after it.  I know people who have spent hundreds of pounds on a handbag and then chucked it in the bottom of the wardrobe, that is so wasteful of hard earned money.

Anyway, this week I have worked on the Spiderman Blanket which is growing slowly but am still working on it every day.  I have also finished my Tunisian October Scarf which took about two weeks to make and about a week to put the pattern together.  Here is a photo of the completed scarf..

It is a small scarf for a lady that can just be wrapped under a coat, cardigan or just to be worn inside to keep the chill off and to avoid putting the heating on.  

The main part is crocheted using Tunisian crochet method until you have it the length you want and then the edging is crocheted using a normal crochet hook,

The pattern consists of the stitches you need to know, it has lots of photographs for you to see as you do each stage and a few tips to get you along the way.  If your experienced at both Tunisian and normal crochet I would rate it as easy and is a good project for a beginner to practice.

Here is a link attached below just in case you might like to take a look or purchase the pattern.

I purchased the yarn for this scarf from an on-line shop called Kemps Wool Shop and it was on a clearance section.  I dont think they are still selling the yarn but when I bought it, it was only £0.59p a ball so a designed scarf for under a £3 is a bargain.

For the weekend I met Frank at home and we went to Romford for some breakfast at the Carvery and then went clothes shopping and some yarn hunting.   We went to Hobbycraft and they had a sale on of this gorgeous Shetland Wool which Frank liked and he said could I make him a scarf with tight knitted stitches.  The yarn was £3.59 a ball instead of nearly £7 so he purchased two green and two of the mustard colour.  We spent the rest of the day at his Mums place and then I came home Sunday morning because of the Rugby match that was kicking off on Sunday afternoon.  The trains would have been horrendous trying to get home with all the crowds of people so I came home Sunday morning.  I could not stay at Franks on Sunday night either because I had an interview at 8am on Monday so to save the rushing around, I came home early.

So I spent the rest of the day tidying up, cleaning and had a nap in the afternoon and then watched a few podcasts because the tv is so boring.  I then started on Franks scarf and here is a photo of the yarn called The Womens Institute Unique Shetland 50g.  It is a 4ply yarn, has got a good yardage of 215meters.

I didnt have the time to make a cake this weekend but came home to a cake that Ross had made and it was delicious. Plus he made some homemade coleslaw which was rather tasty inside a corned beef sandwich for my Sunday dinner.

I am off to potter around whilst waiting for the rain to stop so I can take Tammie out.  Hope you all have a good week.

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