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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Knitting & Candy addiction

It is hard to choose which is my favourite!  Knitting or sweets.  Some might say knitting at first but it is not an easy question to answer.  At this very moment I am sitting up in bed at 8pm on what has been a really cold day today.  It has been around 12 degrees, cloudy and breezy and I just cannot get warm.  So I decided to come up to bed, wearing my night dress, knitted opal socks, a cuppa, my knitting and laptop to watch some podcasts.

However, I have found a new sweet that I cannot get enough of and they are called Mr Toms.  Here is a photo of them..

It is a bit like peanut brittle but less harsher for your teeth.  It is packed with peanuts galore and set together with a soft brittle.  I was debating about buying up loads of them to keep in the fridge but that would be a terrible mistake!  They cost 45p in my local shop and is well worth it.  The next time I go shopping to Asda I will have a look to see if they have them.

The Weekend

I was with Frank for about four days and came back home Monday which always makes me low when I have to leave him.  I met Frank at the train station Thursday and Friday evening with Tammie and we just spent the time together relaxing, going out for walks etc.  We did go to Oxleas Wood again because it had been a cool, Autumnal few days and had no rain so the woods would not be too muddy.  

Tammie loves it in there, she chases the squirrels which sometimes is just a leaf falling in the distance and we see a few people walking their dogs.  It is such a nice feeling to say good morning to people instead of just ignoring each other.  We sat on a bench that we always do and it is just so calm and relaxing to hear the rustle of the leaves, watch the leaves falling and hearing the birds above our heads.  Here is a photo that I took when I stood up from the bench...
Words are just beyond me as to how I feel when I am inside a wood.  I said to Frank that if I had my crafts, a picnic, a flask of hot drink and Frank and Tammie beside me then it would be a perfect day.  I did not realise there are so many shades of green and brown that you can see and we even had parrots flying over our head and you got to see their bright green feathers.


What next....I think I will show you the scarf I knitted for Frank.  He bought some Shetland Wool from Hobbycraft in a green colour and a mustard colour and wanted an itchy scarf, so I knitted one.  Here is a photo of it finished after only a few days of work...

Frank said he loves it so thats good enough for me.  He did say he did not want it too long so I made up my own pattern and casted on 300 stitches using a size 3mm circular needle and knitted two rows of green and two rows of mustard.  I ended up doing about 24 rows in total and he likes both sides.  It is long enough to tie up under the chin to keep you warm and is not as itchy as you think.    I only used half a ball of the yellow and green yarn, which is a bonus so I am knitting another one in plain green for Franks brother John. 

When I packed to visit Frank I took some sock yarn to have a go at a design for a shawl and I wanted it to be something unusual and special because I am going to be a Nanna in November. I had two 50g balls of Regia Sock Yarn in the Garden Effects design and thought I would have a go at doing a corner to corner sample with 3mm crochet hook.  Well, as you can see from the photo below, I used both balls of yarn and on average I got 34 rows out of each ball.  Frank has ordered me two more and they should be here soon so that I can carry on with it.  
I am going to make it a rectangular shape and then add a thick white border around it so that Ross and Emma can wrap baby up in nice and snug when she arrives.    

The photo you see below is of Tinkerbell modelling the work so far, she just has to get in on the act!


I have decided to put a link to a podcast each time I update my blog because there is nothing better than to spread the work of crafters.  My favourite one is bakery bears, you can find them below on the link but they are also on and the hosts are bakerybear and obiwanknitter which is Kay and Dan. 

Get a cuppa, knitting and watch.  They are so varied with their content and check out their other episodes too. There is baking, visits to our British Castles and much more.

Bits and Bobs

As I mentioned before, I came home yesterday and spent most of the day keeping busy tidying up and then watched quite a few podcasts.  Oh yeah, by the way did anyone watch the final of Great British Bake Off!  Oh my goodness, it was brilliant. They all deserved to win but Nadyia won and it was wonderful what she made.  Here is a link for you to see  on youtube.

I do hope it works, it is over an hour long so be prepared with a cuppa and your crafts.

What I was going to say before that distraction is I decided yesterday to do lots of gardening today and I did.  In fact I spent two hours in my front garden sweeping, pruning, weeding and clipping back a large shrub.  I also took a photo of the holly bush that is flowering after about ten years.  It really should not be alive to be honest because I had it growing as a small plant in a tub in the front garden, it just was not growing so I threw away the tub and just lazily left the holly bush to rot away.  

After quite a few years of seeing it grow in the place I threw it, it is now about 6 feet tall with lots of the little white flowers at the end like the photo above.  Frank said it will get berries now so I was rather pleased with it.  

That is all I have for now...not much really considering its been over a week since I wrote on here.  I have started knitting a Bankhead hat for Ross because he asked for a hat.  I will be getting on with the shawl and I must pick up my mitred blanket soon because I have not touched that for a few weeks.

Birthday Girl

I will leave you with a photo of my birthday girl who turned the ripe old age of 12 today.  She looks like she owns the joint the way she is sitting on Franks lap.

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