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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The old Route Master Bus in.....

Dagenham.  My son sent me a photo whilst he was out shopping at Heathway and he could not believe his eyes.  I, as a matter of fact, said they are being used again to remind people of the history and commemorative year of London Transport.  Frank said he does see them all the time in London and even the modern Routemaster Bus which has a jump on and off at the back as well as the sliding doors.  Anyway, here is a photo for any of you who want to know what one looks like.
 The number on the front of the bus is the route the bus takes and there would be a driver and a conductor.  The conductor is the one who takes your money and issues you with a small ticket to say you have paid.  There is a pull chord along the top of the bus on both decks and you would pull that to indicate you wanted to get off at the next stop.  I remember as a child on the few occasions that we got on a bus, we sometimes had to sit upstairs and at the back which was where the smokers sat and it was downright smelly and horrible.  So glad that is not allowed now.

Crafting & Xmas

Xmas is a bad to me at the moment, it is hard to celebrate anything however, I have finished a christmas present of a Spiderman Blanket for baby John.  It fits right across my dinner table and his Great Nan said he will like it.

My boys use to love making tents with their blankets and quilts, especially when it was the school holidays and it must be a boy thing.  I used 2 balls each of red and blue Robin Acrylic and Frank bought me some black yarn with metallic in it out of the pound store.  I think it makes it look like a sparkly web!

I finally finished the shawl I am making for my soon to arrive Grand Daughter,  it has come out quite big after blocking and is lovely and soft.

I used 4x50g balls of Regia Sock yarn in the Garden Effects shade and then used Robin 4ply in cream. I then outlined it with a half treble crochet on the edge.  I am so pleased with it and cannot wait to wrap her up and hold her.

Bits & Bobs

I have started to knit socks again randomly so that at least I have something to give as a Christmas present should the need arise.  I sound like a scrooge but when you think about it, people expect too much from families and friends.  It should not be like that!

Anyway, I am off to get warm cause it is quite cold and miserable today.  Tomorrow is forecast as a wet and miserable day too so I am going to stay indoors and pull my bedroom apart to do a deep clean. Have a good week.

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