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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Unplanned decorating

First sock done!  I finished it a few minutes ago and am rather pleased with it.  I kept thinking to myself that this yarn would be good as a ladies 'tank top' or 'vest'.  The only thing I have that is negative about this yarn is there are little specks of dark colour, on the odd yellow stripe that is rather annoying.  However,  the yarn knits up great and I have hardly made a dent in the ball.  There is enough left to do at least a pair of fingerless gloves or a pair of mittens too.  It says 448 yards per ball which is a whole ton of sock yarn.  I have already casted on the second pair and am now just hoping that they will fit the recipient.

This weekend has been very busy for us.  On Friday, Frank got a call from DFS saying that our new sofa will arrive on Monday which made us so relieved.  Having to share a recliner with the dog and the cat and trying to knit is not an easy task.   So Saturday morning we decided to paint the walls and ceiling in the living room whilst there wasn't much furniture in there.  We popped to Wilkinson store at Dagenham Heathway and I purchased a gorgeous new mirror to replace the old one that I have had at least 10 years.  Wanna see a picture of the mirror (yes,  I am that sad a person)...

It's bigger than the mirror I had before and this one, as you can see, is a mirror frame too.  I think it will be a task and half to try and keep it clean from finger marks but is well worth the £45 it cost.  

Whilst Frank was painting the ceiling and 3 walls, I went and did some cleaning.  Now, I hate cleaning, it is such a waste of valuable craft time but it's a necessity so I purchased the recently advertised Flash Eraser which your suppose to run under the tap and it will clean quickly and easily. (Yeah alright).  I was rather disappointed to be honest.  So I ended up getting out the sugar soap spray and some Plenty kitchen towels and cleaned the plastic window frame in the bathroom.  Sugar soap is the BEST!  I know its for cleaning before you decorate but it's brilliant on plastic window frames.  In the end, I decided to clean the whole bathroom with it and I can tell you, it brings up the white walls lovely.  I did the tiles, the floor, behind the toilet and the cistern and then the walls.  A good hour later, it was all lovely and clean.  

I then decided to try and tackle our bedroom.  It's dusty and needed some tidying up.  I also decided to tidy out my drawers and I just love doing that.  Tidy drawers is a tidy mind!!  Anyway, we then had a break for lunch and some lovely BBQ chicken pizza and then Frank carried on and I went upstairs with a cuppa, my knitting and watched Knitabulls podcast whilst sitting on my bed.  I just love that podcast, Diane's skills at knitting are brilliant and I have made a mental list of stuff that I want to knit (especially the mouse).

After that I got the sewing machine out and had a load of pre-cut 6 inch squares and decided to sew them together into a small quilt.  Wanna see.....

It's either going to be a small wall hanging or a cushion cover but for now, I am pleased I felt like sewing again and will have it sitting out for a while till I can make up my mind.  

Boring weather talk now. It's warm, the sun comes out blasting with heat, blue skies and then at 5pm when I leave work, it becomes grey, dull and like its going to storm.  I have an office that has no windows so the only sunshine I get to see is on the cctv camera.  Yesterday, Saturday, was lovely but today its chilly, windy and grey. We have had some rain too which will do the plants some good and I actually went jogging again today which was great because there was no one over the park apart from the few crows.

I still walk through my park every morning and for the past 3 weeks I haven't seen crooked billet (geese) my favourite at all. Frank thinks he has found a lady friend and gone over to the other local park but to be honest, we don't know what sex he is so he/she could be anywhere.  I did however, get a great photo of two egyptian geese together........

The one on the left has a bad leg and we thought it had broken it. The ranger tried to catch last week but he seems to have improved and is not dragging his foot anymore and is putting weight on it.  They are so timid though, they don't get up close like the other geese do which is a shame. They are such lovely colours.

Oh well, am going to go and do some supper, it's 6.30pm and I am peckish for some cheese and crackers.  Have a good week and I am going to leave you with a gorgeous blossoming tree in my park that I just could not resist taking a picture of.

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