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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Sock project 1

I decided to start a new project, socks!  Mainly because I got some bargains from, some sock yarn called Sirdar Heart & Sole. 100g of loveliness and so far, knits up lovely.  I am going to make a pair of 'afterthought heel' socks.  I have done them before and just wanted an easy project.

I also got some cotton yarn too, only 59p a ball which might end up a small baby blanket of my own design.  

I just couldn't resist the sock yarn and it was reasonable at around £6 per ball.  I am using my new knit pro karbonz circular's, size 2.25 that Frank bought me at the Knit & Stitch Show in Olympia, London.  I threw away a lot of my old cheap circular needles now, they use to drive me mad at times because of the wire and it's such a treat to knit with these posh ones.

I finished the Gillespie Shawl by Louisa Harding and here is a picture of it blocking on the spare bed...
I enjoyed the pattern, it was clear and easy to read and because it was my first real lace project, I used a pencil marking off each row just so I knew I was doing it correctly.  The beaded yarn is gorgeous, gives the shawl a lovely drape.  I measured it before blocking at 110 cms and after soaking a few minutes in fabric softener, it blocked out to 140cms.  It's lovely and soft and is so warm so I can wear it all seasons.

Talking about seasons, the clocks went forward last Saturday and it's much lighter of an evening.  It's such a joy, the birds are singing, there's blossom on the trees and everything feels so much lighter.  I still walk through the park every morning and some days the birds want feeding and other days they are busy chasing each other around.  The swan came up to me the other week and it is so gorgeous, I noticed his ankle was tagged and I told Frank. He said the swans have to be because they belong to the crown.  

The evening's are mild and the past week it has been so warm that the covers have been kicked off the bed.  Tammie doesn't like the heat much and I totally agree, I can't stand humidity.  I took this next photo last night, it was such a lovely spring evening and the yellow of the 'kiria' shrub on the left was so pretty that I had to capture it.

The plants are all coming alive and it's so great to see.  It feels like its been such a long winter and I can't wait to get more plants in the ground.

I also have a reason why I like the evenings lighter now, I can get out jogging again.  I have been doing it a couple of times a week but I want to do more.  I am jogging home from work once a week and jog of a weekend once but its not enough and I thoroughly enjoy it.  It gives me so much better energy levels and my breathing is so good now, my lungs just open up and I take such deep breaths.  

Oh well, am off to bed soon and am going to do a bit more of my socks.  Am going to leave you with a picture of the 'amarylis' that is flowering so gorgeous. 

Have a good evening......

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