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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Tunisian Blockbuster

I finally bit the bullet, I finally got one of my patterns up for sale and here is the finished item for all to see.  I am so excited that I achieved this goal. Even if I don't sell one pattern, I don't care.  I got through all the computer stuff, pdf's, downloads, fees etc and finally its done!

All I have to do now is write up the patterns for 6 other blankets I have made and sitting on my shelf.  It's taken me two weeks to complete this blanket and I was writing it as I went along.  I am still using the Robin Double Knit Acrylic yarn that I got from Frank at christmas and still have loads left....I think though, for my own sanity, I am going to have a go at something smaller now.  Frank bought me some Rowan yarn for my birthday and some Mirsaol which is made of Alpaca, so I need something small to work on.

I do have a little voice in the back of my head telling me to crochet some small flowers which would be a good idea because I can carry them around with me and do them in my short lunch break at work.

If by chance, you are interested in the pattern you can go to and search for Tunisian Blockbuster by Susan Hardy.  

I did try to do a link to this site too but don't think I could bare another stressful hour.  Am going to relax now so have a good week and hopefully, I will be able to post again in the week.

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