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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Horsing around

This is the view on the 486 bus last Saturday 12th April 2014 whilst heading towards my in law's home.  The horse's are on their way back to the Woolwich Barracks so they must have been out for some exercise. There was almost 20 horses trotting along and  what was totally awesome for me was the fact that one girl soldier was controlling 3 horses, three big huge strapping horses.  Absolutely amasing!

The update for the socks!  Finished and blocking.  I don't have any sock blockers so I just soaked them in a bowl of Fairy Softener for a couple of minutes, gently squeezed the water out and then layed them down flat on an old hair towel.  They dried within 24 hours and are now in a gift bag ready for a birthday present.

I love self striping yarn, I am totally amased as to how the dyer get's the colours to stripe like that and I definetely will get the yarn again.  I did have a go at using dpn's on the second sock but I have decided that DPN's are not for me.  I prefer one circular needle with a long cable, it's much better, more comfortable and your not going to lose your needles or your stitches.

The next photo is of Tammie, lazy, free and easy Tammie who spends most of her day sleeping while I am slaving over a hot computer.  I gave her a small haircut and nail clip and then she laid next to Frank and posed!!  She is so cheeky.......

Other than the usual work, house work, moaning and groaning about the fact that there is nothing in the  working week to get excited about, it's been pretty boring. I did win £25 on the National Lottery on Saturday and got rather excited for a few seconds and then thought, why can't it have a few more 0's on the end but never mind, am thankful for the little win.  First time in about 3 years!

I have started a new project now and the most frustrating thing going on in my head is 'I want more time in the day to do it'.  It's just now fair I tell you!

This is a sneak peak at what I am making, it's my own pattern and if it goes well, I may even try and get my son to show me how to do a pdf pattern so I can try and finally make a little dough on my 30+ years of knitting and crochet.   I haven't ever done Tunisian Crochet and it is so simple that I am loving the texture, design and shape I am getting.

Oh well, off to do a bit more moaning and crochet.....have a good week and I will try and post again the weekend.  Oh yeah, Happy Easter to all that celebrates.

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