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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Singing to Killing Me Softly

I am, right now, listening to The Fugees 'Killing me Softly' and singing whilst trying to type. I have done housework today, went jogging and shopping and spent a few hours crocheting and watching Columbo on tv. I then decided to watch some episodes of whilst crocheting and am now enjoying a cup of Yorkshire Tea. I haven't had a cup of tea since this morning at 9am when I realised I ran out of teabags. I went to the shops just to get teabags and came back with some crisps, chocolate and dog food (not Teabags). It took me almost 6 hours to put my crocheting down, get off my butt and go get the tea. I do that a lot lately and its rather worrying, especially when I work in Dementia sector.

Anyway, here's what I have been crocheting...
It's been a funny old day today, weather wise. It was almost autumn like till about 3pm and now its beautiful sunshine, very warm and breezy enough to get the washing dry. I havent got to cook dinner today so am going to enjoy a few more hours of crocheting and watching tv. I think it's known as a 'couch potatoe day'. Don't do it often so it wont hurt...Now that the tea has been consumed, I think I might have another one....
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