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Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Jog In the Park

For the past year I have been thinking about jogging purely because its the cheapest exercise a person on a tight budget can do and the only thing that was putting me off from doing it was pure lazyness. I decided last Sunday that if I don't give it a try now at the age of 43, I am never going to lose the weight I need to (which is 3-4 stone). I do not intend to be a single woman the rest of my life and the only way to get myself a fella again is to get rid of my 'fat suit'. You certainly dont realise how much jogging takes out of you and how long its going to take to find the right 'pace' and to build up your staminer. Anyway, I weighed myself last Sunday (14 stone 10lb), took some measurements and will weigh myself in the morning to see if any weight has disappeared.

Yesterday I started making some crochet flowers for my cousin and it only took about an hour to make 8. The one on the right is my own design. I have made loads of flowers before and if I remember rightly, I found a project on where someone actually made a blanket of flowers. YIKES

I am also crocheting a blanket called 'catherines wheel stitch' which at first, I was ready to throw it against the wall but I carried on and finally got it how its suppose to look. I had to follow the pattern on Youtube and I am now in two minds whether to turn it into a cushion cover or just carry on with it as a blanket. Oh well, I better get my bum in gear now that the sun has come out and do some jogging. Must remember to do the warm ups first or I wont be able to move later. At least when I get back I wont feel so guilty about sitting on my bum for a few hours happily crocheting...tara
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