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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Catch up

What have I been doing. Not a lot, just the usual boring stuff like work, paying bills, housework and general stuff. I was off work last week as annual leave and didnt do much other than shopping and tidying and crafting. My brother R was obviously at my place so he helped me paint the kitchen ceiling. I bought some cupboard paint which was £20 a small tin but let me tell you, its well worth it.

My garden is coming on a treat and when I have cut the grass tomorrow, I will post a picture. My Sweet Peas are growing every minute and after the harsh rain we have had the past few days, the garden has just gone mad. Weeds have appeared that I swear were not there the other day.

On the knitting front, I gave Jo her wedding lapgan and she loved it. I told her its officially called 'Capriliga Wedding Lapgan'. It fits across my kingsize bed and can easily get two people under it for a cuddle. It was a total of 10.5 balls of 100g DK and the sad cow that I am, was just under 45,000 stitches all together. I cross stitched a label for it and that went down a treat too.

This is my next project that I have started. Its the Aestlight Shawl from and I decided to use my Blue Faced Leicester Fingering Weight Yarn for it. Its a little boring at the moment because its increasing in garter stitch and theres a lot of it but am excited that it will be my first ever shawl.

Am going to just go and finish my Saturday cleaning so will leave you a picture that you will go goey over...
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