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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Freezing but colour on its way

Yep, its freezing here in Dagenham, so cold that I am sitting here with my wooly hat on. It doesnt help that when the council came last week, I had to lift my carpet tiles and now cant put them back so theres a draft through the floorboards that I didnt notice before. Obviously, there was carpet there before but even when I first moved in here some 15 years ago, I didnt notice how drafty it is without flooring. So until I can save enough again to replace the carpet, i have to put up with it.

Its rather misty here at times but at least the darkness is not so early evening and I love waking up to the day light. I have even noticed the birds singing more too which brings a smile to my face. Plus, all my bulbs are coming through in my front garden so I have got hyacinths and daffs to look forward to soon.

On the crafting note, I have started another baby afghan but in unusual colours (not my choice but each to their own taste).

Its called 'neat ripple afghan' and I have made several of them before and thoroughly enjoy it. I had a look on my ravelry projects list and could not believe I have made over 80 projects since being a member. Thats a lot.

Right, I'm off to get warm and get crafting. See ya.
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