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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Tears mean joy too

I can't see the sky for the tears in my eyes,
is it the stars twinkling or the tears streaming.
All I see is darkness with eyes closed so tight,
and clouds like eye lids blocking out the light.

The tears still flow but thats all ok,
you need to let them out, its a price to pay.
The breathing is slow, the chest rises and falls,
and the quietness surrounds until it calls.

As time gets on and theres no more tears to fall,
the clouds move away and the darkness re-calls.
The light is the moon and no matter where it is,
its always above me like a loved ones kiss.

Oh My God, I havent written a poem for ages and the first verse just popped into my head. I will have to write some more, I forgot how much I love to write.
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