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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Clacton 1996

The sound of the waves gently hitting the sand,
the fresh sea breaze that softens around,
Hazy blue sky's with the sun trying to break,
the gulls flying over, not a sound they make.

Deck chairs stretched across the soft warm sand,
theres the noise of children playing around.
A rush for the tea stand, needing the brew,
and children gulping at their cups of coke too.

A little rain falls and the beach is cleared,
people take shelter and the kids cheer.
The beach becomes quiet and a peace arrives,
the families clear and so does the tide.

Time to meet up and board the coach to leave,
the children moan, the adults heave,
the sigh of relief that you know means rest,
we'll all be home soo, back to our nests.
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