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Sunday, 30 January 2011


Yep, it has to be said that when you have a couple of your friends stay over and knit, eat chocolate and drink tea, its a real boost to your schedule. This is my friend and work make Charlotte and my dog tammie is keeping her company while she starts casting on for a new project. Charlotte is a new knitter and got a brill knit book for beginners and she fell in love with a cable wrap. I showed her how to do the 'cable twist' and she got it really well. (See Charchar, its not that difficult).

Then in the corner is my friend and work mate Debbie. She is not in the picture because she is on the computer playing 'facebook poker'. The girls were exhausted after working a 12 hour shift so after meeting them at the Heathway we got back to my place where a home made chicken curry was waiting for them.

Today, Sunday, I was going to pop up Heathway for some lilac coloured wool out of Wilkinsons but I can do that in the morning. So I am going to start thinking about another blanket design and maybe even write one up.
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