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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Strange Day today

Last night I finished this adorable afghan, all of my own design. Then at 11pm, I started another one but knitted this time and went to bed feeling rather pleased with myself.

Then this morning my Affidavit came through for my divorce and am feeling rather down in the dumps. I thought I would never ever say after 25 years of being with someone 'I am divorced'. Its like a blow to the stomach but its something I had to do. Its not been easy these past 7 months, its been such a roller coaster of emotions but only a few minute seconds of doubt.

So I am going to deal with the future now and get on with my life and focus on my work, my knitting and crochet career and my family.

Today, I am going to attempt to knit a top down baby cardigan to see if it will work for me. Wish me luck.
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