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Thursday, 13 January 2011

What is it with...

Solicitors. I rang an 'unbiased' solicitor on Monday asking if they can do a 'sworn' on my divorce papers and they said yes. 'Come down on Thursday'. Booked the day off, spent the evening worrying about it and when I plucked the courage up to go there today they say with a smirk 'the solicitor is not here today'. I got so angry and told her 'on the phone Monday you said that he would be here today'. She just smirked and said 'try the solicitor down the road'. So I did. Low and behold, that solicitor wasnt available either.

So I thought 'sod it'. I went to Romford with a little voice saying in my head 'go visit Hobbycraft after you have found a solicitor and eventually, I found a solicitor and breathed a sigh of relief that I had finally found a very friendly and comforting law firm.

Afterwards, I walked past the walk way towards Hobbycraft and saw a sign saying 'Burger King' and thought again 'sod it, I havent had a burger for long long time'. I walked in, ordered a whopper meal and devoured it. Then I headed back towards my home, popped in my own Solicitors, gave them the Affadavit and went home feeling exhausted and needed a sleep.

To which I did, I slept for 2 hours and woke up miserable and felt miserable all day, still do. I have been crocheting but my heart was not in it so am ready for bed and just waiting for a reasonable time to go up to bed.

This is my dog Tammie who looks totally fed up like her Mum. Still, I have got work tomorrow so should cheer up a bit. Night Night.
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