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Friday, 28 January 2011

Tulips & Chills

I treated myself today to a lovely bunch of Tulips out of Tesco Express and they only attracted me because of the price. They were £3 for the bunch which is pretty good at the moment. My local florist said that flowers are going to get more expensive as Valentine and Easter appears. I couldnt believe the price of lillies, £2 for one stem, thats disgusting. Anyway, I got down my rather dusty old fashioned jug to put the tulips in and am a bit cheerfull now.

As for the chills, well it must be true that as you get older, you feel the cold more because today is flipping freezing. The temperature drops to almost zero during the day and its bright sunshine and then, today its windy and feels even colder. I have succombed to wearing thick bed socks as well as my night dress and dressing gown.

On my projects at the moment, I am doing good. I made a muck up of not buying enough 'earth' colour for my 'earth, wind and fire' afghan and the post office that sold it said they dont do that tweed effect in that colour anymore. YIKES, so I have got to rethink it a bit but am definetely not going to frog what I have done.

I have got loads to do tomorrow, housework, waiting in for son's phone to be delivered, shopping to be delivered and then some major knit/crochet going on. Oooh, yeah and a bloody good lay in.
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