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Monday, 29 June 2015

Cheese on Toast

Yep, that is what I am having for my dinner tonight.  Cheese on toast, a home made rock cake and a pear yoghurt.  

I made a plan yesterday that when I get home from work I will do something every evening to try and boost my enthusiasm for this house.  So when I got in tonight I avoided walking Tammie first because it has been such a humid day and just did not want her to walk out in that heat.  I washed up the mess in the kitchen left by my son, I hoovered through the house, I went to the front garden and tidied it up and then came indoors.  That took me from 5.45pm to 7 pm.  I then walked Tammie and then sat down to have my Cheese on Toast.  

I wrote it down on my calender that I keep pinned to my kitchen board and then wrote for tomorrows chores to start on the back garden.  I then sat down and started a new project for a Christmas Bag I would like to design and watched Wolfe Farms Podcast.  

I did treat myself today to a new ball of sparkly christmas yarn by King Cole called Glitz. It was £3.25 from the post office near where I work and here is a photo of it...

The people in the background is the Wolfe Farms Podcast and they are on youtube under  (Knittin Wolfe) in case your interested.  They post every week without fail and live in Lancaster, USA which is quite rural.  Take a look at their podcast, its really good.

So I have surprised you by adding another post and I have surprised myself too but I thought it would be a good thing for me to try post about my little achievements as I do them. 

I am going to crack on with my knitting now and will leave you with a photo of Tinkerbell laying in my corner of the sofa at Franks house.  How dare she!!!

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